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About Us

Dale and Kelly, the owners of Ajax, understand that your vehicle can be like a second home. With 37 years of automotive care experience and a swath of customer service know-how, Dale and Kelly are ready to handle any problem you throw at them.

Dale has been in this business for a long time and is certified and factory trained on all the latest makes and models so you don’t have to worry about going to that pesky dealership.

Kelly not only brings the technical knowledge, but makes it easy to get what you need and get out the door so you don’t waste time at the shop.

Our technicians are personally trained by our masterful head mechanic, Dale Roderick. Our competent staff are capable of the problem-solving and physical care your car requires. With ASE and MACS certification, You can trust our technicians to return your vehicle in safe and reliable working condition.

Our customer service staff is dedicated to making sure your experience in the shop is like you are at home. Ajax staff will make sure that you understand (in English and Spanish) what is going on with your vehicle, what repair needs to happen, why it is necessary, and exactly how much it will cost you.

Locally owned and operated auto shop providing quality automotive service and repair.

Ajax Auto Place

Here at Ajax auto place, we strive to bring you quality service that you understand so you feel like you are getting the quality service you deserve.

Reasonable prices

Important Question

Can I bring my own parts to a mechanic?”

“Can I bring my own parts to a mechanic?” you ask? Although the answer is simple – yes, typically you can – you will need to consider all the possible effects:

So can I bring my own parts to a mechanic?

Just as you shouldn’t walk into a restaurant with your own bread and butter, you shouldn’t walk into an auto repair shop with your own parts. We understand why purchasing your own parts might be tempting, but carefully consider possible repercussions before you head to the auto supply store. Some mechanics won’t accept outside parts, some will charge more for the labor, and if the part breaks or does not work, you will be responsible. In the end, you will save money by letting the professionals take the reins. Plus, the warranty will provide you with peace of mind.

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