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We can handle most all of your vehicle maintenance and repair needs. If you don’t see what you’re looking for below, contact us.

Automotive Services

Repair. Maintenance. Service.

Oil Change

Oil changes customized to your vehicle.

Air Conditioner

Stay cool with routine air conditioner maintenance.

Brake Service

Maintenance and inspections keep you safe on the road.

Preventive Maintenance

Proper car maintenance can save you big in the long run.

Engine Service

Don’t let that ‘check engine’ light get you down. We can handle it.

Full Exhaust Services

We provide exhaust services up to a 3 inch pipe.

All Services

  • air conditioner charge
  • air conditioner inspection
  • air conditioner maintenance
  • automatic transmission fluid check
  • automatic transmission fluid flush
  • automatic transmission inspection
  • automatic transmission maintenance
  • battery charge and discharge load test
  • battery tie-down check
  • battery voltage check
  • battery replacement
  • belt operations and wear check
  • belt replacement
  • brake fluid check
  • brake wear inspection
  • brake drum, pads, shoes, and rotor replacement
  • catalytic converter inspection
  • catalytic converter replacement
  • clutch inspection and adjustments
  • clutch replacement
  • coolant level check
  • coolant system inspection
  • diagnostic check and report
  • engine damage inspection
  • engine efficiency inspection
  • engine leak inspection
  • exhaust inspection
  • exhaust manifold repair or rebuild
  • full-service engine maintenance
  • heater core inspection
  • heater core replacement
  • heating system maintenance
  • lube, oil and filter change
  • manual transmission inspection
  • muffler replacement
  • power steering repairs or rebuild
  • radiator flush
  • radiator rust and damage inspection
  • safety inspections, including lights and signals
  • shocks and struts inspection
  • shocks and struts replacement
  • tailpipe inspections and crack and leak repairs
  • tire inspections
  • tire rotations
  • undercarriage inspection and repairs

Mufflers, Catalytic Converters and new pipe up to 3 Inches. We can also repair, patch and weld exhaust systems.

We provide engine service including full service engine maintenance, engine damage inspection, engine efficiency inspection and engine leak inspection.

Types of preventive maintenance provided: battery charge and discharge load test, battery tie-down check, battery voltage check, battery replacement, belt operations and wear check, belt replacement, brake fluid check, brake wear inspection, catalytic converter inspection, clutch inspection, coolant system inspection, exhaust manifold check, heating system check, power steering check, radiator flush, shocks and struts inspection, tire inspections, undercarriage inspections

Brake fluid check; Brake wear inspection; Brake drum, pads, shoes and rotor replacement

We provide vehicle air conditioner inspection, maintenance and refrigerant charging.

Lube, oil and filter changes available and customized to your vehicle.